Newstead House Trip

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The trip to Newstead House turned out to be all we thought it would. A bus load of 24    members enjoyed a great day out. The weather was beautiful and the volunteers who run Newstead House were very friendly and very informative. It was a pleasure to  learn  the history of the old house.

The most exciting was the ghost room of course but the ghost must have been asleep as nothing out of the ordinary happened.

After a one and a half hour tour the group went to the Breakfast Creek Hotel where everyone enjoyed their lunch, which ranged from an excellent chunky steak pie to steaks, one member treated himself to a steak and lobster dish!!!!

After lunch some of the group decided to walk to the nearby Chinese Temple which was very interesting. The bus left for home 2.15pm and all arrived safely at Redcliffe thanks to Peter the wonderful driver of the Redcliffe Community Bus.

Back of entrance Chinese Temple Members of the CardiacSAM_0964chinese temple chinaman