Picnic at Deep Water Bend

Friendly Get Together

On Tuesday the 10/6/14 the Group had a lovely day out at Deep Water Bend. Some took their fishing gear and sad to report the fish were safe. Don Gailer won the fishing Comp with the most fish caught but couldn’t take the prize as none caught met with the regulations and had to be returned to the river. So the the prize jackpots till next trip. Ha ha.

The picnic and BBQ went a lot better with a fantastic¬† savoury platter supplied by the Group, that was more than welcome. Thanks go to our treasure (oops, sorry treasurer) Debi, for her selection. I couldn’t concentrate on the fishing for fear of missing out on some of the platter.

I think all those who attended enjoyed their lunch and good company. Some went for an adventure walk to see the birds and animals but I am told the only kangaroo seen, was by Jacqueline and myself as we were driving out of the car park.


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