MariaMaria Wheeler – Founder

I would like to introduce myself to you all for those who are new and looking us up on our Web Page.
My name is Maria Wheeler and sort of retired. Now living at Dayboro.

In 1980 I commenced working at Redcliffe Hospital in the Intensive Care/Coronary Care Unit as a Registered Nurse Having nursed since I was 15 yrs old .This area was a shared Intensive Care Coronary Care but my passion soon developed for the Cardiac area.

Patients would be admitted facing a Life Threatening situation but  with all our expertise their life would be saved and with that they were soon returned to the outside world to cope with family and friends and two bobs worth of encouragement from us saying shouldn’t been smoking, stay off the fags, better loose a bit of weight and if you were lucky a handful of pamphlets on what and how to do it and maybe our best wishes.

With this I saw the desperate need to develop a support network for these people who had become so precious to me as they were returning to our ward themselves and family members just not coping. They needed more education, understanding and support and hence the Rehabilitation program commenced to become a  huge success.

I called a meeting of all past patients and the response was overwhelming.
From here the walks began . All these people turned up and I said to my friend “What are we going to do ” her reply “I’ve got a stethoscope in the car”. So we taught everyone to take their own blood pressures and become aware of and take more responsibility of their own health risks.

The walks commenced and the education classes began. The friendships formed and the Social Activity took hold . People became stronger amongst friends who had been there done that  and with knowledge and support lead to healthier and more active lifestyles.
Our success stories are many and we are still as strong a Club today because our members have experienced this and wish to pass this on to any new member that they may be able to help.

This is some 18 years later and has been carried by the tremendous workers behind the scenes because they believe in the need, because they have experienced the success that working together can achieve. There are no rules that you must have heart disease to join us as everyone is welcome to come along especially other family members.  Everyone gains something.

I look forward to meeting any new members and although I am not always there now myself I do pop in from time to time or visit for social events  There is a wonderful group there to welcome you and to assist in any way so please do come down and pass this information on to anyone you know who may be interested.  I know they will find themselves amongst friends.

May this assist you to a healthier and more active lifestyle.  Age or ability has no limits

Love to meet you